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A-La- Carte Modules for 2018 + 2019!


A LA Carte Modules

Stand Alone 25 Hour Module Based Training

Choose from the following modules to complete your pre-registered 300 Hours RYT OR simply join in for some continuing education!

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education  (YACEP) hours may be applied for with advanced request at time of registration.

These modules are open to everyone with an interest to further their yoga knowledge and to those holding certifications in physiotherapy, registered massage therapy Dulas, Midwives and yogis alike!

Yoga + Anatomy for the Pregnant Goddess 25 Hours

September 22, 2018 – 8AM – 5PM

Plus 6X 2 Hour practical Classes Scheduled: Thursdays September 27, October 4,11,18,25 and November 1, 2018.


Yin Yoga 50 Hours

Part 1: What is Yin Yoga? November 2, 3, 4, 2018

Part Two: Meridian Lines. February 16 + 17th, 2019



Part 2: Primary focus on the energy body, the meridian lines as they relate to both traditional Chinese Medicine + Yogic theories of Nadis and Chakra. Refine teaching + sequencing in the Yin Tradition and understand how to target certain lines of energies for specific areas of discomfort. 50 Hours Learning Objective: design and teach a safe one-hour Yin Practice.

Restorative Yoga + Yoga 4 Students with Physical Limitations 25 Hours

October 14th + 28th 8AM – 5 PM

Plus 6X 90 Minute Practical Classes 



Even the strongest yogi needs a balance! The focus is on learning how to create a class sequence to restore from our more active practice, to return from injury or how to simply go from inactivity to a more active practice. Our primary focus is on Restorative Yoga for the able-bodied with a secondary focus on how to include those with physical limitations into our able-bodied class. Those who are returning to yoga after injury, surgery and illness.  The learning objective is to feel confident in welcoming all students into a restorative class and having something to offer everyone to make them feel better when they leave the room. We will take our knowledge into practice during six classes working with our demographic.


Energy Body – Ayurvedic Studies 25 Hours

Lead teacher Dr. Manjiri Nadkami with Mothership School of yoga Lead Teachers

Part 1: Intro to Ayurveda – December 3, 2018

Part 2: Practicing Ayurveda – April 6, 2019                                                                   

This module delves into the Sister Science of Yoga – Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is a system of healing that dates back thousands of years.  Ayurveda treats all disorders by focusing on consciousness as a foundation through meditation, Yoga, diet, herbs, lifestyle and Panchakarma. Utilizing select text from Prakrit by Robert Svoboda, explore the connection between Ayurveda and Yoga. How would a practitioner integrate Ayurveda into his/her life and into the yoga practice?  Identify and understand your own Dosha constitution. Learn how Ayurveda is a consciousness-based approach with the primary goal of maintaining balance.


Please Contact Mothership School of Yoga




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