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300 Hour ADVANCED YOGA Teacher Training

Students must already hold a Yoga Alliance recognized 200-hour certification in order to qualify for this course. Completion of this course will give you a 500-hour credential.  By honouring the lineages and teachings of each student’s 200-hour certification we build on the 200 hours within the parameters of the history, traditions and safe alignment principals of the lineages of Vinyasa Yoga.

Modules of in-class study, combined with home study, studio teaching, seva and mentorSHIP designed to incorporate a 300 Hour education into an already busy work schedule. One full Friday, Saturday, Sunday class each module will make up a 25-hour credit. Choose from our elective modules in addition to the mandatory core modules to design the training of your liking!   This is a boutique style training with a cap of 10 students per session.

Course Overview

Mandatory Modules (175 Hours): 7 X 25 Hour Core Curriculum

A – LA – Carte Modules (100 Hours): Choose 4 X 25 Hour Specialized Training

Independent Study: 25 hours of Independent Study by Sadhana Practice + Reading

Total = 300 hours.

Core Curriculum: (175 Hours Total) 7 X 25 Hour Modules

Advanced Asana (Vinyasa FLOW Based) 25 Hours Each Module = Total 50 Hours

SUMMER 2021 *Please EMAIL US for Details

Part 1 and Part 2: Dive into Vinyasa’s Roots with a study on Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois. Along with contemporary teachers: David Life, Sharon Gannon, Shiva Rea and Baron Baptiste. Students will learn and be able to articulate to their students the History of Vinyasa Yoga.  We will explore how to prepare to warm up and Sequencing to Advanced Poses. Students will learn sequencing principles in Kramas, allowing the student to offer the preliminary poses as options as you advance in stages to the full expression of the pose. The Module is largely experiential. Learning objectives include advancing your own practice to a new level but also understanding how to accommodate physical limitations within the advanced offerings.

Art of Teaching – CORE Sequencing 25 Hours 

JUNE 21-25, 2021 * 6:30 – 8:30 AM + Sat. June 26, 2021 8AM -5 PM.
This Module explores how to design your sequence to flow seamlessly from One WAVE to the next with ease. You will learn a formula of sequencing which will help you work towards a peak pose, target a specific part of your anatomy or a sequence designed to give an overall balance to all areas of the body. Learning objectives include developing the skills to sequence your class to be a complete story, with a beginning, climax, apex of the class/peak pose and denouement.  This segment includes homework assignments in addition to the practicum.

Cue Clinic / Hands-On Adjustments 20 Hours IN Class + 5 Hours Practicum
This Module takes your teaching to another level by enhancing your skill in assisting with confidence. A large portion of the learning objective is to fine tune your observation skills to read the room. Further learning objectives are to help you refine your language to suit your teaching style as well as expand your repertoire in order to create a shared experience for your students. Your students will have a variety of learning capacities and while those with strong auditory learning capacities are at a great advantage Visual and Kinetic Learners have different strengths. The objectives include the use of props and how to make your Visual Demos safe and effective. An essential part of this learning objective is to understand and apply the Ethics of Touch.

Skillful and Integrated Themes 25 Hours
Have you ever been in a Yoga Class and you feel like the Instructor is theming her class just for you? This module is designed to develop the Art of Skillful Theming and to cultivate authenticity. The Learning Objective of this module is for you to bring your theme from the Universal to the Personal and from the Personal to the Universal. You will develop the mastery of articulating your theme throughout the practice with language that will keep your student’s feet on the ground and also carry a profound impact.  Broaden your knowledge of Hindu and Buddhism and the connection of those concepts to yoga. Learn how to weave stories and traditions into your teaching while relating the analogies to the “householder.”

Yoga Anatomy – Asana Lab 25 Hours – Lead Teacher Karen Tyssen
We are fortunate to have a physiotherapist on the Mothership Yoga Faculty called Karen Tyssen. Karen has studied anatomy for eight years and has two Masters Degrees in Physiotherapy and Advanced Manipulation. In the past, Karen has competed in track and field Internationally and now regular treats athletes through injuries to help them get back to what they love to do. Karen has recently acquired a further specialty in Pelvic Floor Health; this will be a great asset in helping you all understand the core and all its intricacies.
This module will draw from Karen’s wealth of knowledge as we apply knowledge and learning from the page to the pose. The Learning objectives of this pose are to advance and apply your working knowledge of anatomy as it relates to yoga.

MentorSHIP For Mastery 25 Hours On-Going with Registration in the 300 Hour
Discover your Authentic Niche as a Yoga teacher and Launch your Individual Brand! Motherships’ MentorSHIP is designed to refine your skills as a teacher. This module has flexible hours and is made up of the following: Attend an orientation to develop a tangible plan of action for your course. Develop specific goals to personalize the mentorship to suit your needs by working one-on-one to advance your teaching skills. Assist your mentor in 6 classes, participate in self and peer review of sequencing, theming, language, authenticity in your voice and practice along with business practices.

Philosophy 25 Hours – Lead Teacher Nitya Kandath  
Our 6 part series – includes 6 X 3-hour practice sessions with Nitya + Val + Ship and include, asana, meditation, pranayama and of course deep discussions in philosophy of yoga!  Topics: What is Yoga? The Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Sutras, the Yamas + Niyamas code of yogic ethics and the mystery of striking BALANCE!
To obtain a 25 Hour certification complete a study assignment working with: The Deeper Dimension of Yoga by George Feuerstein and an intro to Buddhism,  how it relates to our yoga lifestyle and personal practice. Review of Ethics as governed by the Yoga Alliance.

300 HR Required Reading List: The Path of the Yoga Sutras by Nicholai Bachman, Bhagavad Gita, Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith, Light on Pranayama by BKS Iyengar, The Yoga Tradition by George Feuerstein, The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga.

Functional Anatomy of the Yogi

Anatomy of the Yogi Class

Admission Qualifications:

  • Possess a sincere desire to learn, study, grow, be supportive of others.
  • Be prepared in mind, heart, and body to participate fully in the 300-hour curriculum.
  • Maintain a good attitude and be open to feedback throughout the training period.
  • Proof of Age + Identity (Must be 19 Years of Age + Over)
  • A copy of your 200-hour certification from a Yoga Alliance Affiliated School
  • Signed Copy of Enrolment Contract + Mothership Code of Ethics.
  • non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is payable by cash or email transfer on your commitment and acceptance to enroll in the course.

Tuition Payment Plans:

A $500.00 non- refundable deposit with a registration hold your mat in the course.

1) Pay In FULL on enrolment and receive a $100.00 discount on tuition. ($4000.)

2) Module Payment Plan: Make a $200 non-refundable deposit on the module then pay the remaining balance of $375.00 – 7 days prior to course commencement.

Tuition Includes A training manual delivered to you by PDF  and a list of required reading materials.

To Complete Certification:

  • Full attendance at all modules in your course selection must be complete.
  • Successful completion of all coursework + at-home study within the 2-year time limit.
  • Pay all outstanding balances.
  • In order to obtain your 500 RYT status with Yoga Alliance, you will need to document 100 hours of teaching experience since the end of your 200-hour RYT.


A student may be entitled to a refund less $500 deposit:

  1. The student provides written notice 30 DAYS prior to the start date.
  2. If the written notice of withdrawal is received once 10% of the modules have begun Mothership retains 30% + $500.00 Non – Refundable Deposit.
  3. If Mothership receives a written notice of withdrawal after 10% or before 40% of modules has elapsed, Mothership retains 50% +$500. Non -Refundable Deposit.

In the event of circumstances beyond the control of the client becoming a reason for withdrawal,  Mothership Yoga will apply the monies toward a placement in the next course should the client request this.  If the client does not return the above rules apply.

Please Contact Us for Enrolment Contract!