Transformation Went THAT WAY!

Michelle Shipley & Valerie Giles ERYT 500’s

 Mothership School of Yoga

Valerie Giles joined Michelle Shipley of Mothership Yoga in May of 2015  where Val and Ship co-founded the Mothership School of Yoga.  We are very pleased to be offering a MODULE BASED; Yoga Alliance Accredited, 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hour  Advanced Yoga Teacher Training alongside Yoga Alliance Accredited Continuing Education Modules and Workshops (YACEP) in London, Ontario with plans to take both courses around the globe.

Every Mothership School of Yoga Teacher Training and Mothership CommUNITY class is tailored to the individual clients in the room.  We educate highly skilled instructors who are adept at offering modifications to each posture.

Here’s what our Mothership School of Yoga Graduates have to say:

Michelle Shipley 017
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Michelle Shipley (aka Ship) E-RYT 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Member

I’m in LOVE with my yoga practice! A hyper, type A personality, I found yoga after trying kickboxing and almost completing a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Apparently, I thought kicking people made me feel better? In 2003 I tried a yoga class with Paola Di Paolo in Toronto and was hooked.  Returning to the mat moving slowly and deliberately began to offer benefits no other workout had. I began to sleep better, live with compassion, and deal with years of unresolved grief.

In January 2007,  I travelled to Nosara, Costa Rica to study under world-renowned yogis, Don and Amba Stapleton, at the Nosara Yoga Institute where I became certified as a Yoga Alliance recognized Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher.  More recently my studies have included workshops and master classes in Ashaya Yoga lead by Todd Norian,  Amy Ipoliti, Rod Stryker, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee and Tiffany Cruikshank Yoga Medicine.

In yoga we are asked to check our egos at the door – which I can do – but – I travel with my sense of humour and I find it to be such a good tool when guiding a yoga class!  The foundations of my classes are a gentle Hatha Yoga based practice exploring Yin Yoga postures while incorporating a strong emphasis on Iyengar’s alignment principals.  Breathwork with emphasis on coming home to the body as a major theme is presented through guided meditation and asana practice.

Mothership Yoga Wild Wellness Retreats began in 2008 offering a wonderful mix of yoga practice, theory, guided meditation, massage, sound therapy and plant-based whole foods. We retreat in Ontario Canada, OBX North Carolina and Nicaragua.

Valerie Giles – Vancouver

Valerie Giles (aka Val) E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Member

Valerie’s yoga style is Anusara and Vinyasa inspired. Her classes aspire to embody the philosophy that yoga’s primary purpose is for the pure joy of it!

Clients experience the full spectrum of intensity; from a fiery yang to healing restorative. Valerie strives to provide an experience that balances playfulness with a keen emphasis on alignment; she will guide students to build a strong foundation in order to maintain a safe playground.

Valerie believes that yoga can be pivotal in the healing process, believing in the body’s natural ability to heal given the right environment. She was heavily involved in the competitive sport of triathlons and first came to yoga 15 years ago to help heal her injuries when she was yet to learn the broad spectrum of transformative benefits.  Valerie invites you to play, laugh, heal, love and transform together while celebrating life.

 Ship + Val are AVAILABLE to lead Corporate, Private + Studio sessions as well as Guest Speaking + Television Appearances.  

Please Contact for Rates and Dates!

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