What Our CORPORATE Clients are Saying:

May 27, 2013

“What a great staff development day we had yesterday here at Brown Library!  You helped us stay centered and focused throughout the day with the wonderful exercises and stress relief techniques that you showed us.  Thank you so much for sharing such a creative and enjoyable workshop!”    – Terry Rollins, Children’s Librarian, Brown Library Washington NC

May  30, 2013  

“Staff still has not talking about how much they enjoy “Yoga for the Office”.  When I did a survey and asked what they liked best about Staff Development Day, the majority of the responses were “the yoga workshop”.  When I asked what they would like to see next year, at least 50% of them wanted more yoga.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I have seen staff doing the exercise and I have been doing some of them as well.  Kim has asked if she can replace her chair with a ball.  Again, thank you for the workshop.  It was quite invigorating and help to get us started on our day.  I would recommend your Office Yoga exercises to any business.”  –  Gloria J. Moore, Director Brown Library  City of Washington NC. 

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