We have been asking our students to give us their thoughts on the experience taking a journey through a Mothership Yoga  teacher training. With 75 hours left to completion of the 200 hour certification this is Michelle’s experience.

Michelle is pictured: Top Right, Bottom Left, Middle of Group

Written By: Michelle Wegner 

This has been such a humbling experience. My first yoga class was about 10 years ago. I hated it!   I had only been practicing yoga again for a couple months very inconsistently when Mothership Yoga came into my life.

At first I was very hesitant and intimidated, I’m A-type personality, I didn’t Om or chant or meditate, I can’t fold in half or do the splits, standing on my head does not seem like an option and the arm balances are not something  this body is ever going to be able to do. Not to mention I’m a shift worker so how was I ever going to get the training in?

Michelle and Valerie put my mind at ease. They have worked around our schedules in order to make this training possible. It is so nice learning in a small, and intimate group setting because we each get the attention that we need and deserve. We are able to complete the homework at our own pace because our busy home and work lives are respected and recognized.

We are learning so much more than physical poses and a few teaching sequences. We are learning to let go, be happy, how to extend yoga into our everyday life which helps me cope in a very stressful job. YES.  I now appreciate the Om, chanting and meditating!

This experience has been life transforming for me and my family.

Michelle and Valerie are always there for us to mentor us in and out of yoga. Their patience is above par and they respect all of their students for the individuals that we are.

I’ve already signed up for the 300 hour teacher training.

Live. Love. Laugh.


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