50 hours  $1000.00     

Part 1: What is Yin Yoga? ~ May 23, 24, 2020 – 8AM – 5 PM

Part 2: Meridian Lines: ~June 12, 13, 2020 –   8AM – 5PM                                                 

 London Ontario. Venue announced on registration.                                                                                                               

Part 1: What is Yin Yoga? History, Yin Asana, Sequencing, theory, practice, exploration of the postures in relation to the self, and the anatomy of YIN yoga.

Part 2: Primary focus on the energy body, the meridian lines as they relate to both traditional Chinese Medicine + Yogic theories of Nadis and Chakra. Refine teaching + sequencing in the Yin Tradition and understand how to target certain lines of energies for specific areas of discomfort. 50 Hours Learning Objective: design and teach a safe one-hour Yin Practice.

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