25 Hours $500.00 (YACEP)

Training:  JUNE 6, 7, 2020  8AM – 5 PM  

4 X Practical Classes:  JUNE 19/ 20th, 2020

Course Description:Yoga +Anatomy for the Pregnant Goddess: A 25 Hour Training for Yogis holding a 200 Hour working toward a 300 Hour or requiring YACEP continuing education hours. We are open to hosting those who work in the birth field, Doulas, Midwives and Professional Therapists in related fields.Two  FULL Day Training:  June 6,7, 2020, from 8AM to 5PM and 4 X  1 Hour Practicals on June 19 – 20th, 2020.

  •  Mentorship of student-designed sequence
  •  Student-led yoga practice with our pregnant goddesses
  •  Peer review of class

This module is designed around the needs of the Mom-to-Be through all three trimesters and includes specialized training in anatomy, asana, modifications and meditation for both the Pregnant Goddess attending a regular class and for specialized pre-natal classes. Learn how to sequence the appropriate asanas to build strength and stamina and improve the circulation as well as which asanas to AVOID! This module includes Anatomy for the Pregnant Goddess specifically to discuss Pelvic Floor Health.


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