I’ve not been posting lately …I have been in transition. My wee family and I left the United States after 6 years to live in Nicaragua for 6 months before returning to the great white north. My mother country of Canada.

I am finding my feet here and have FINALLY found the most amazing yoga teacher with whom I’ve been practicing and studying with. It’s been YEARS since I’ve had a dedicated yogi to mentor with and I’m feeling inspired. It feels SO good to learn!

My body is feeling strong and my mood is feeling better. This is all translating to how I feel towards the BIG changes I’ve encountered through this transition giving me a sense of feeling stability, more at home again in my body, my health, my mind.

No matter what is happening, I always find myself on my yoga mat. It’s my BFF. I get teased for anthropomorphizing objects, but hey, my mat never disses me for being away to long or visiting too often and I can never over stay my welcome. That mat is the microcosm of my life. I come to my mat when I’m happy, sad, frustrated or like this week feeling pulled in too many directions. I just plant my little forehead on that bright orange mat and get grounded!

It always works. I always come home.

I hope you’ll join me for yoga – I am guiding classes now at Fitness Forum in London, Ontario, Sunday mornings at 9am and will have new spots opening up around the city come January 2015.

We at Mothership Yoga will be getting ready to launch yoga weekend retreats in Southern Ontario and in Quebec as well as week-long destination Mothership Wild & Wellness Body Holidays in Nicaragua!

2015 is going to be an exciting one – I can feel it already!

Photo by www.quivertreephoto.com
Photo by http://www.quivertreephoto.com

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