With a string of days in the high 80’s I figured it was a perfect time to take the yoga mats from my home studio to the laundry mat so I could wash them up and then hang them out to dry. My students have been working hard on those mats and my dog Cecil has also been giving them a work out. He seems to think my mat is for eating his crunchy food over. Like it’s perhaps a giant place mat. Then last week just as class was beginning he arrived to class to let me know what he thought of me by taking a dump on my yoga mat. Yeah, real nice. What a total jerk move. So NOT ZEN Cecil!

The truth is you CAN wash your yoga mat. They do get stinky and dusty and whatever else. You have to do them in a washer that does not have a ringer. I have washed one at a time in a ringer washer along with a cotton bath towel but they can get stuck and friction burned. Trust me, this I know from experience. A little soap and a warm cycle then hang the mat to dry. It comes out brand new!

Finley and I loaded the car with all the mats and headed to the local 24 hour laundry mat on Friday morning. It was quiet at the early hour of the day. We shared the space with only two other women who were having a rather animated discussion about the way to raise children and keep them in line. It could have been a conversation on corporal punishment the differences were so slim. I did make note of some of their advice. Get an education, treat people fairly, mind your business and don’t be buying no 80 thousand dollar cars and other fancy stuff. It’s just stuff.

I split my twenty plus mats into two oversize washers, put my bills into the machine to make change and then Finley and I set the washing . Finley stood in front of the washers completely mesmerized by the water filling the washer. She pointed and babbled to herself and me as the wash began spinning. Who knew such an ordinary thing as washing would be such a great entertainment for a 13 month old! I just love how ordinary things like doing the laundry becomes an adventure when I see it through Fin’s eyes.

Fins watching the washers fill up with water.

Passing time …

It was a 23 minute wash. We had time for a snack.

Here she is fixated on the spin cycle. All the colours blending to black.

When we arrived home Hubs strung a rope between the trees and I hung the mats to dry.

It looks kinda festive, eh?

 Laundry Meets Yoga = Zen  Retitled and reposted from Earth2mothership.com 5/12/10

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