Five REAL Reasons To Go On A YOGA Retreat!

By: Michelle Shipley E-RYT 200 

Yoga retreats have cropped up all over the planet and vary in duration from day, weekend and weeklong getaways. So what’s the big deal about them and why all the hype? We’ve collected responses from our Mothership Wild + Wellness retreat goers and here are the top five REAL reasons to go on a retreat:

Me Time: Retreats are a fantastic opportunity to drop out and tune into ourselves. We get so caught up in caring for others, juggling work and home schedules we forget to take time for ourselves. Scheduling a retreat into the month or once or twice a year ensures we stop and take that much needed mental break while participating in a physical activity we love and crave.

Practice: The yoga practice and workshops offered on retreat are a great opportunity to delve a little deeper into our personal yoga practice. We have the time to explore postures, philosophy and meditation in ways we cannot often connect with in a studio or home practice setting. Small groups ensure a lot of individual attention in practice.

Companionship: Maybe we rally up our bestie and make a weekend of retreating together or we attend as a single, we are assured that by each of us being attracted to this particular retreat offering that we have landed with like minds. This can form the basis for great fun, deepening relationships and making new friends!

Food: How awesome is it to have someone else take care of feeding you for a day, weekend or week? Yoga Retreats are traditionally vegetarian and vegan meal based following the “AHIMSA” Non- harm practices which extend to all living beings. Food on retreat has become a main attraction with clean food, raw and detox meal plans being offered.

Nature: Having the opportunity to get out of the city and into nature is one of the benefits of going on a yoga retreat. Accommodations situated deep in the forest or by a body of water offer amazing effects to the overall wellbeing of the body as you breathe fresh air. Practicing in the elements can bring a vitally of mindfulness and spirit back into the body. There is nothing quite like nature to nurture the soul!


“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”
― Rumi, The Essential Rumi

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