What A Spectacular Journey!

We are thrilled six yogis climbed aboard Mothership Yoga’s maiden voyage.  The 200 hour registered teacher training began in September 2015.  We spent one DELICIOUS weekend a month together to study all aspects of yoga and how it related to us as individuals.

In addition, we facilitated  experiences for our yogis where they were able to get out into the community to assist and eventually co- teach classes. We brought our yoga to the seniors at Western University’s Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging and an all-ages group at Fitness Forum, before they taught their first one hour public Mothership Yoga CommUNITY karma class at our home away from home Shangrila Yoga. These experiences offer our students and unparalleled experience.

We facilitate the teaching of the yogic philosophies, pranayama and asanas but the real work begins and ends with each individual in our training.  We interpret our yoga in very personal ways forming attachments to the aspects that resonate most with the place we are in our lives in that moment. This is YOGA.

We are so HAPPY with the success of our graduates!  They brought everything and left it on the mat. Growth was felt ALL around.  We teach we learn. This is a privilege. We also have a TON of FUN!  Within the safety of our bond we experience spontaneous bouts of uncontrollable laughter, nerd out on plant based foods and share a LOVE and RESPECT for a lifetime.  We can’t wait to take your classes ladies!

Congrats Mothership Yoga Grads!  You are AMAZING women.

XX  Ship & Val

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